Proactively defend your identity with award-winning computer protection software, including:

Anti-Virus/Anti Spyware
Two-way Firewall
Digital Vault
Digital File shredder
And more…


ID Defender helps halt fraud by detecting suspicious activity related to your:

Personal Information
Social Security No.
Bank Accounts
And more…


ID Defender members are appointed an ICFE Certified Restoration Specialist to help:

Stop fraud if detected
Restore your credit to pre-theft status
Reimburse you for any out-of-pocket expenses

Advanced Identity Monitoring + Alerts
$1 Million of Identity Theft Insurance1
24/7 Lost Wallet Assistance
Computer Protection Software
Complete Identity Restoration Services


Only $7.99 per month for Individual plans and $14.95 per month for Family Plans (up to 5 family members)!


ID Defender leverages cutting-edge technology, monitoring thousands of data sources to alert you of any potentially fraudulent activity associated with your personal information. We have developed a 360-degree approach to Identity Theft Protection – protection, detection, restoration – to give you the most complete coverage available.
IDENTITY INSURANCE: $1 million in insurance coverage against lost wages and the costs associated with recovering from identity theft.
FULL-SERVICE IDENTITY THEFT RESTORATION SERVICES: Trained, certified agents aid customers in determining the scope of the breach, shutting down the breach and repairing any damage done as a result of identity theft.
IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION RESOURCE CENTER: Members have access to a one-stop resource for the latest information to combat identity theft.
24/7 LOST WALLET ASSISTANCE: Our Lost Wallet service helps members quickly cancel and replace all items commonly carried in wallets and purses, including credit cards, debit cards, check books, driver’s license, Social Security cards, insurance cards, passports, military identification cards and even traveler’s checks.
INTERNET SURVEILLANCE MONITORING & ALERTS: Internet Surveillance Monitoring proactively detects stolen personally identifiable information and compromised confidential data, and alerts are sent if a member’s personally identifiable information is found being bought or sold online.
SOCIAL SECURITY MONITORING & ALERTS: Social Security Monitoring detects when names, aliases and addresses become associated with a member’s social security number.
CHANGE OF ADDRESS MONITORING & ALERTS: Change of Address Monitoring reports if a member’s mail has been redirected though the United States Postal Service, giving them immediate knowledge of someone attempting to steal their identity by redirecting mail to a new address.
COURT AND CRIMINAL RECORDS MONITORING & ALERTS: Court and Public Records Monitoring tracks municipal court systems and alerts members in real time if a criminal act is committed under their name.
NON-CREDIT LOAN MONITORING & ALERTS: Non-credit and Payday Loan Monitoring detects and alerts members of non-credit transactions associated with their personal information. Non-credit loans include both payday and quick-cash loans that do not require a Social Security number or credit inquiry to complete.
SEX OFFENDER MONITORING & ALERTS: Sex Offender Monitoring provides alerts and reports that enable a member to discover and monitor registered sex offenders living in their immediate area and be notified if a sex offender fraudulently registers in their name.
ANTI-VIRUS / ANTI-SPYWARE SOFTWARE: Commercial-grade anti-virus, anti-spyware software blocks concealed programs that track a member’s online and offline activity, including password stealers, Trojans, worms, keystroke loggers, and other malware.
ANTI-PHISHING, ANTI-SPAM SOFTWARE: Software blocks and filters web pages and scams that attempt to steal credit card data and other personally identifiable information. Also blocks unwanted email.
SOFTWARE FIREWALL: Automatically secures the member’s internet connection and helps prevent outsiders from accessing their Wi-Fi Network.
DIGITAL VAULT: Application that locks up confidential files in an encrypted vault on the hard drive, safeguarding sensitive files from theft.
DIGITAL FILE SHREDDER: Software tool ensures that no traces of deleted or sensitive files remain on a computer.