How to Get 13 Fast and Free Fico Points

Often just 10 fico points can be the difference between qualifying for a loan and getting denied. As interest rates are banded and based upon ranges of fico points often in bands of 20, again just a minor 10 points can be the difference between as much as a .5% increase to the interest rate that you will receive.

This next strategy is a very simple one and one that you can and should do right now.

One of the best and interestingly enough most unknown items to come out of The 2001 Patriot Act was the creation of the website

Have you ever looked at your credit report and noticed ongoing monthly credit inquiries by the same creditors over and over again? Often people will take notice and ask themselves, “why is American Express running my credit each and every month over and over again? I never gave them authorization to do that.

Well these are creditors, (often many and much as a couple dozen in some cases), running your credit WITHOUT your authorization. This not only does affect your credit score slightly,

It also exposes your social security number to ongoing and unnecessary risk of identification fraud.

Put an end to this and pick up a quick and easy on average 7 to 13 fico points by choosing the Opt-Out option at This will automatically opt you out of this unfair system.

Benefits Include:

Greater ID Theft Protection
Fico Score Increase of 7-13 Points
End to Junk Mail Credit Offers

Do it now! Register all your family members and protect them as well. Choose The five year online option and then print out and mail in the permanent option to enjoy permanent opt-out status from the system. Do this right now, seriously, you should really!

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