Best 13 Initial Steps for your New Business Startup

Most new business owners are so overwhelmed when starting up their business that they do not even know where to begin. This Quick Start guide while not 100% inclusive will give you the basic 13-Point Checklist to look over when putting together your new business from an internet, marketing, sales, and business entity formation perspective. There are several free business builder tools on here that you need to know to get your startup going.

Incorporate (Corp) or Organize (LLC) by executing your Articles of Organization or Incorporation. We have a Highly Discounted Service setup just for our business funding clients. Ask your tax professional if it makes financial sense for you to be incorporated or organized using a corporation or limited liability company as there are additional initial and ongoing fees connected with this and for some minor income earning companies there is not always a return on the financial expense of these fees. For legalities, limiting your liability and protecting your assets, we are unaware of any attorneys or legal professionals who would not recommend setting up a corporation or limited liability company for this purpose.

If Using a DBA, you will need to file with the County you are doing business

Register Your Agent For Service If Your entity is out of state, (there are five states that offer great business benefits and incentives above and beyond the rest)

File For EIN

File For IRS Form 2553 or 8832 (IF selecting an S-Corporation or
Partnership for Tax Treatment for your Corporation or LLC

Open Business Bank Account

Register for your Dun & BradStreet Number:

Setup Business Accounting: Ask us for Professional References.

Setup Business Insurance Coverage: Ask us for Professional References.

Properly Negotiate Business Lease (Do NOT take this step lightly: Contact Qualified Commercial Realtor- Be Represented- Do NOT Represent Yourself)

Setup Your Business Call Center For $3/ month All Calls are captured into your back office. (Highly Recommended)

Buy Website Domain: For .99 Coupon:

List Your Business in The Phone Directories:

List Your Business in Google Places (Extremely Important), and Optional Google+, You Tube, Facebook, Linked-In. Take advantage of other free tools such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Build Business Website: (Make Sure You Build a Word-Press Website and have all Security Options (Great site as well to hire contractors for all kinds of side jobs). You’ll need to install which is a free screen share program to work with these contractors.

Free E-Mailing List Service with Plug-in to your website.

Free Voice-Message Plug-in for website.

Free Data Base and Live Scheduler plug-in for website:

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